Your Best Business Partner

Your Best Business Partner

Sajib Enterprise


It is with great pleasure I hereby convey my message of hope and best wishes that our long-cherished longing for doing something good to the country’s effective economic activities appeared in the name and style, Sajib Enterprise in 1989. It is a highly professional trading house in Bangladesh. It made its stride from the very outset with commitment and assurance within a very short time. It acquired specialization and reputation in its procurement, arrangement of supply business to the best needs of the users. In the course of time, Our Enterprise has specialized in sourcing and supplying quality materials to the Defense Department Law Enforcement Agencies Home securities and all the ministries of Bangladesh. Over the past two decades we have helped vitalize Bangladesh trading and manufacturing industries. In 2000 we have been enlisted as an approved and authorized agent of Bangladesh Defense Directorate which includes the Army, the Navy and the Air force Head Quarters. We are also an approved and authorized agent of the Bangladesh coast guard and the Bangladesh civil defense. Our reputation and goodwill are absolutely based on proper sourcing and supplying the proven quality materials and products from the reputed certified manufacturer's suppliers and principals globally.

                                                                                                                                       Message from the Desk

                                               Of Md.ShahidHasan